Reconditioned KENWOOD VHF Mobile Radio
Antenna & Mic Sold Seperate
Buy Today for CAD$185.00

We stock a large selection of Reconditioned Kenwood VHF Mobile Radios.
Each unit has been benched tested and comes complete with a 1 year warranty. These radios punch a powerful 40 WATTS Output with 250+ Channels!

Every unit comes fully preprogrammed with the RR & LADD Channels
We include Free Programing with every sale.

VHF & UHF Tactical Portable Repeaters

The Ultimate in Search & Rescue Communications!
Built Solid - Water-Proof - Minimal Battery Drain 
15 Watts RF - Tunable to any VHF Pair with 4.5-10Mhz Offset
Quick & Simple Setup Anywhere That's Required
Portable Search & Rescue VHF Repeater
When your life and the lives of others depends on it, why compromise?


AmmoBox Land Mobile GMRS Land Mobile Portable Radio RepeaterVHF/UHF Portable Repeaters
With Power & Versatility

AmmoBox Radio Repeater - VHF Portable RepeaterThe TRP-8000 is built, using best of class radio equipment & World-Class Sinclair Duplexers - all built inside a genuine 40MM US "Ammunition Can" that provides robust protection from dust, dirt, corrosion and most importantly, interface from outside sources.  In fact, the AMMOBOX provides more protection than any other commercially available product on the market today!

Simple, Quick Setup & Go !

VHF Marine Repeaters Provide Coverage on Marine Repeater Channels as well as Crossband coverage for Land Mobiles and Land Based Stations.  These systems are designed for Offshore operation Marine VHF Repeater Systemin the South Pacific, South East Asia, Central America and South America, where the need for access to Marine Repeaters as well as linked Marine to Land services are critical for effective safety communications.

We build different designs to suit your needs; these include Transportable or Fixed Station VHF Marine Repeaters help to increase the distance that Standard VHF Marine services can communicate through pre-programmed repeater channels. These channels include International duplex channels 78, 79, 80, 81, 82 and 83. Through the use of Marine Repeater Channels, a weak station would be amplified through the repeater and back to the end units. 

Radio Rentals BC & Yukon

We Rent Industrial Two Way Radio Equipment
Radio Rental BC Yukon Alaska - Heavy Duty Construction Equipment
Looking for Two Way Radio Rentals in or around Northern or Southwestern BC the Yukon or Alaska  ? 
We Rent Kenwood & ICOM UHF & VHF Portables and Mobiles. 
Each of our systems are configured to be used in heavy duty environments. Rent ICOM Logging Road Radio - Buy the ICOM VHF 5023H

  • Mining & Exploration
  • Crane Communications
  • Construction
  • Aviation & Helicopters
  • Trucking & Transport

Any industry that requires temporary, short or long term equipment use.  Let us handle the technical stuff, while you focus on your business at hand. 

We offer some of the most reasonable rental fees in British Columbia and promise to be there, where and when you need us most!

Need a radio for Logging or Resource Roads and would like to Rent?
Looking for short term rentals without having to purchase?
Look no further and call us for your immediate needs today !

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