white dot repeater

GMRS Portable Radio Repeater Built for Tactical Use

The Ultimate in GMRS
When You Need it to work!

Built For use anywhere in the UHF Business Band

The TRP-8000 GMRS is built for everything required for Tactical GMRS Radio Coverage. Very Easy to Setup.  Super Simple to Use !

The TRP-8000 is built, using World-Class Equipment & Sinclair Duplexers.  Housed inside a genuine 40MM US Army "Ammunition Can", the AmmoBox Portable Radio Repeatercase provides robust protection from dust, dirt, corrosion and most importantly, interface from outside sources.  In fact, the AMMOBOX provides more overall protection than any other commercially available product on the market today! Professionally Engineered - Professionally Tuned Duplexer providing -90Db Rejection with No Desense.