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Check out our selection of Antenna & RF Products. If you don't find what your'e looking for, send us an email and we'll try to find it for you !  Timberline Radio Systems Ltd.is your Western Canadaian Distributor for Comprod RF Products, a Canadian based RF Design Company specializing in Antennas, Duplexers, Combiners, Power Dividers, Directional & Bi-Directional decouplers, as well as a vast array of other high quality RF Products. Comprod 66-FF-44 We take the time to understand your project as well as your specific requirements, in order to determine the correct type & model for your individual application. We also provide a complete suite of services including site surveys and path loss calculations, tower installations as well as antenna & duplexer installation. In keeping with the highest standards, we get your order complete within the same day and delivered onsite, where you need it - World-Wide. Please take some time to browse the Comprod Product Selections and download our Comprod Catalog online.

Base Station Fixed Radio Antennas VLF Airband VHF & UHF Land Mobile Low Band, Aviation, VHF and UHF Antennas for General Use
Timberline Radio Systems supports the Comprod Antenna Product Line. COMPROD-871FConsidered the Pioneer of Radio Antennas, Comprod Communications has been manufacturing antennas nearly, since the invention of radio. Their product lines include Folded Dipoles, Verticals and Cross-Polarity as well as a wide selection of duplexers and multiplexers. Comprod meets and exceeds the worlds finest RF standards. Our featured products of the year are the Comprod 871F 1/2 wave single lobe antenna better known for it's practical deployment especially in general class and portable applications and the 872-F Dual Lobe known for it's overall gain and High Performance. The Comprod series is unique in its high efficiency and exceptionally wide bandwidth, covering the frequency ranges of 118-137 or 138-174 MHz at a VSWR of 1.5:1 or better. As a result of genuine, wide bandwidth design, the Comprod series is perfectly suited for multiplexed and multi-channel systems. Two model variants of this rugged antenna are available: Pattern adjustable version with external cable harness enabling its pattern to be changed in the field; and the fixed pattern versions (such as the 1/2 and 1/4 wave options), that includes the cable harness inside the mast and dipole booms. International Distributor & Exporter for Comprod RF Products Exporting from Richmond, British Columbia, Canada to Countries World-Wide Timberline Radio Systems Ltd. Richmond, British Columbia Telephone: +1 604-290-3915

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